Our local newsletter, SCBWINews, is now being emailed directly to our members. It is offered FREE to all SCBWI Houston members and visitors to our website.

Comments and questions about the newsletter should be directed to the editor, Vonna Carter at

Information Wanted!

We would love to hear and share news from all of our members! Each month the newsletter will feature:

Monthly meeting' This will have information on the program for the monthly meeting.

Events' This section will have information about upcoming SCBWI events in Houston including conferences and workshops.

Member news' This includes selling a book, signing with an agent, new book trailers, noteworthy reviews of a member's book, book launches, author appearances, school vists and other author events of SCBWI members. If you have photos that you would like to have included with your information, please attach the file along with the information.

Member Websites/blogs' Members whose website or blog has not yet been published may submit their site/s to be listed in the next month's newsletter.

Opportunities' This will include SCBWI contests or other writing/illustrating contests which meet the requirements for being supported by the SCBWI, information from legitimate publishers looking for writers or illustrators, employment opportunities for writers or illustrators, grants and scholarships.

Around Texas' This section will feature conferences and workshops from other SCBWI chapters in and around Texas.

The deadline to submit all information is the 25th of each month.

All information should be sent to Vonna Carter at

Thank you; we look forward to hearing from YOU!